For the Spring Equinox

Spring opens a channel in my heart–

a sudden and soft rush of possibility.

Whether blue skies or gray,

the elements beckon me to join the surging, budding, blooming life,

while the earth reminds me to ground, center,

to bend and sway,

lest I get blown away.


Another World is Possible

(To the paradigm of patriarchy and all who uphold it.)

I reject your attempts to vilify me.

I reject your efforts to desecrate me.

I, woman of power.

I, bringer of life, mother of children.

I, keeper of soul fire.

I, owner of this earthly body, my pleasure and pain.

I am stronger, wiser, and more clever than you will ever be.

The void in you is distressing.

Your lack of willingness to share power enrages me.

Your inability to love yourself saddens me.

I hold my boundaries with the strength of the trees.

I cast away the stones that have weighed me down, into the river.

I wash my hands clean of resentment and fear.

I return the blame and the guilt that do not belong to me.

I free myself from your constructs of war.

I forgive you.

I give to myself all that you could never give.

All I have ever needed is here within.


I open my heart to receive healthy, whole, reciprocal love.

I open my heart to give healthy, whole, reciprocal love.

I acknowledge the hungry ghosts and do not feed them.

I accept nothing less than true love.

I call upon the four winds,

I call upon earthly and cosmic forces,

I call upon my ancestry:


Guide me.

Be the wind at my back.

Be the ground beneath my feet.

Help me to protect my children.


I maintain my belief in the sacred,

my right to ceremony, and

my faith in goodness.

I allow my heart to swell with compassion.

I flow in connection.

I dance in ecstasy.

I sing to heal.

I sprout and grow, bloom and seed, season after season.

I live a thousand lives and die a thousand deaths.

I embrace possibility.

I accept the challenge of creating another world.

Dear Heart

Dear Heart,

(a letter to my heart and any other heart in need)


The absence of romantic, sexual, intimate love that you are currently experiencing is not a sign of your inadequacy, nor of your unworthiness. You are worthy of healthy, whole, reciprocal love. One day you may find it, or perhaps it will find you. Take a moment to remember you chose this path, and there is purpose in it. Solitude and loneliness are great teachers. Take a moment to acknowledge the abundance, the multitude of forms, of love in your life. Love is all around you just waiting for you to notice, to enjoy, and to pass on. Conjure all you have to give your phantom lovers–your fierce passion, your warmth, your softness, your playfulness, your strength, your pleasure, your touch, your humor, your fantasy, your special sauce, your everything–and let it rain down on your being in a quenching, nourishing, ecstatic flow. No one else owns your love. Though others may ignite and inspire your love, it is yours and it belongs only to you dear heart.

I am drawn

(for my unsung muses, and in honor of eros)


I am drawn to you

as I am drawn to water,

to river and ocean.


Your allure,

it seeps subtle, into flesh and bone,

into thoughts and dreams,

knowing not boundaries of distance, nor time.


Your allure,

it electrifies my senses.

It awakens the unspoken.


I long to immerse my body in your waters,

to swim your strong currents,

to be held in moments of stillness.

I yearn to feel permeated,

to cleanse and be cleansed.


I could surrender to your waters,

so cool, deep, and dark,

so soothing

to one who burns.

I could let your waters take my life.


But we are not adversaries,

and I am not here to offer up my life.

We are energies capable of joining, elementally–

magma flowing to meet oceanic waves.

We together would be

a crashing, transforming,

warming, cooling,

sighing, steaming union,

creating future fertile ground for regeneration.