In my creative writing, I strive for authentic emotional expression and meaning-making. I am a listener and a creative interpreter. It is in my nature to transform what I experience and observe into some form of art or action. It is how I make sense of life and endure adversity. My writing is raw, rough, uncensored, amateur, personal. Sometimes it seems I am merely rearranging the same words into new configurations. I am not a professional. Some pieces are first drafts, others have been labored over for weeks, months, or even years. My voice longed for an outlet beyond personal journal pages for years, for the opportunity to be read, to be heard, and perhaps even to reach and resonate with others. The decision to begin posting word-offerings on this blog was a choice of self-empowerment.

Bless the courage to forge new paths in the presence of fear, self-doubt and uncertainty, and bless you who are willing to read and receive my words.

Yours Truly,

Anemone, Daughter of the wind and sea, earth and sky, ether and space

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