Winter Solstice

Winter took my hand and said,

All your plans,

all your ambitions,

your obligations

and best intentions,

all your hopes,

your burdensome fear and anxiety–

set them down now.

Let them rest now.

Follow me

into the dark depths,

of world,

of winter,

of self.

Bring the burning embers

of your inner fire.

Open your heart, again.

Open your heart, again.

Allow the questions to enter.

Let some sift and settle.

Let others go.

For an eternal moment,

hold yourself outside of time.

Feel the convergence of past, present and future–

tributaries of the river of you,

flowing always into the vast sea of existence.

Your first task is to learn to belong,

as heron belongs to stillness,

as eagle belongs to the winds,

as fox to shadow and vision,

as coyote to improvisation.


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