I Am

I am a child of heat and friction,

of love and lust,

of laughter and wisdom.

I am a child of golden summer sun,

of amber harvest moon,

birthed in mountain shadow,

in a land of dense coniferous forests and fertile foothills,

a land carved by snow melt and river flow,

a land where the wild meets cultivation.


My heart forged in molten lava,

simmering quiet and deep within Wy’east–

local legend of unrequited love–

I too burn hot and constant.

I too love long and fierce.


My spirit is kin to the fox.

I spend nights shape-shifting,

traveling keen and swift and silent.


Ancestry from the north, from the west–

a bloodline of labor through the seasons–

I call upon your guidance in my prayers.


I am a newborn,

I am time-worn.

I am learning–

how to tend and temper my fire,

to cleanse and free my waters,

to listen and to be of service,

how to reclaim and to be claimed,

how to love and to be loved,

how to create balance in the midst of chaos.




In the Eternity of Your Absence


In the eternity of your absence,

I encounter layers of myself.

My divinity, my demon.

My dreams, my desires.

My goddess, my god.

My nature, my essence.

My suffering, my pleasure.

My past, my present, my future.

I encounter the borders and boundaries of me and everything.


In the eternity of your absence,

I learn the contentment of solitude,

and where the edges blur into loneliness.

I hear and see with newfound clarity.

I feel the burning pulse of my longing.


In the eternity of your absence,

I learn that my body

hungers for your body,

while my soul seeks you who sees and feels beyond–

the you who knows your power,

your root of creation,

your divinity and your demon.


In the eternity of your absence,

I admit, it is high time to take off the masks,

to remove the uniforms,

to break the chains of patriarchy.

This undoing of gender is revealing,

we are multi-dimensional star-beings

housed within sensate earth bodies.


In the eternity of your absence,

I know my root of creation–

how it illuminates destiny’s path–

how desire and intuition intersect.

I learn to distinguish the depths,

of my power,

and the purpose of attraction.